Commision your own art!
So, you are intrigued by this idea, you like what you see, or you are just a fan of supporting the arts.  Whatever the reason, you want to commision your own original work of art by your's truly.  I am more than happy to help you with that. 

The first thing we need to do is establish what level of commission you want.
Below is a list of what I offer and associated prices:

1.)  The Full Monte I
      Truly an original.  While I make a copy of the original for my portfolio, you
      purchase and keep the original hand drawn notes and portrait.

2.)  The Full Monte II
      You get a high resolution print of the portrait (12”x16” on vinyl canvas) and
      notes (8.5”x11” on heavy bond paper)

3.)  Digital Art Only
      Digital copies of both portrait and notes suitable for high resolution printing.

4.)  Sketch (digital)
      A detailed rough sketch with notes.

5.)  Energy Writ  (Print of digital artwork and instructions)
      One printed copy of a personally designed energy writ and instructions

Now that you have made your choice, fillout the information below and I will contact you about your commission and payment.  Sorry, no pay and go process here, each piece is an original work and takes some degree of personal contact.  Therefore I will need the opportunity to get a feel for your energy.  This can be achieved via Facebook, email, Skype, text, etc.  We can work out those details as we move along.  I ofteen schedule 2 pieces of art in a week to make sure I am not pushing too hard... and so it may take a couple weeks before I can get to your commission.  I will let you know approxiamate dates.
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