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by Gryphon M on 07/11/16

In the course of human (or non-human, for that matter) events, not one single great accomplishment has been achieved alone.  No invention, heroic act, inspiration, work of fiction or non-fiction, etc. has every been the work of just on person.  There are always assistants, helpers, people who motivate or challenge, teachers, even students.  Einstein had Nathan Rosen, Edison had Nikola Tesla, Madame Curie was tirelessly assisted by her husband, Pierre (who initially took all the credit), even Lord Byron had Polidori.

I don't want to sound as if I consider myself in the same league as the famous people I named above.  My point is that all things are, in one fashion or another, a group endeavor.  The subtle body project is no different.  Every person who participates is adding to my lexicon of knowledge concerning the subtle body.  There are countless people I talk to regarding my philosophies that help hone them.  However, there are two I wish to take a moment to point out.  Two who have inspired my to start the Subtle Body Project.

Michelle Belanger:
I met Michelle in her capacity as the founder and Priest Caste Elder of House Kheperu.  That was 12 years ago.  In that time Michelle has published various occult works of non-fiction, recorded music, appeared on radio shows, pod casts, and even T.V.'s Paranormal State.  Her most recent project has been a series of fiction novels set in the genre of Urban Fantasy.  This series, "Shadowside" has one book published "Conspiracy of Angels" and another soon to come out "Harsh Gods".  I highly recommend these works.

I have learned much from Michelle and she has certainly inspired me to think and act on those thoughts.  One of the goals of the Subtle Body Project is to use our art as research and eventually work collaboratively with Michelle to offer a book covering the topic of energetic bodies and such.  

If you have not had the chance to look over the rather large body of work she offers, I suggest you do.  More information about Michelle can be found on her website:

The second person who inspires me is Cat Mason, my fellow artist for the Subtle Body Project.  The first time I saw her art was a depiction of images drawn from her past life memories.  I remember thinking... Wow!  Her art is unique, captivating, and very different from mine.  

Where as I draw the energetic structures of the Subtle Body, Cat seems to draw more of the flow of energy in and around the Subtle Body.  I have often thought we should see what would happen if she and I were to create on drawing together.  Hmmm... sounds like a bit of research to me.

If you have not had the opportunity to look at what Cat can do with her art.  I highly recommend you take a trip over to her web page and take a look.

These are my collaborators and my friends.  Both amazing people and amazing creators.

Thanks for reading,
Gryphon M.

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