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As seen through a Gryphon's Eye...

by Gryphon M on 06/28/16

When speaking of how we perceive the intangible energies of the metaphysical, we tend to fall back and use the word "see". Now I realize there are those who do "see" in what they can only describe as a physically visual spectrum when describing such things. However, I do not think I am overstepping any consensus when I say that for the majority for us we do not "see" in the same manner as I see my laptop computer sitting in front of me right now.

In these cases "see" is merely an easy descriptor for how we perceive the spiritual, metaphysical, subtle, etc. It is why I choose to use the term "perceive" or "experience" and not "see". I feel that "perceive" gives a more adequate explanation of the experience. It does not narrow it down to one sense, but instead provides the notion of it being a synergy of senses (some beyond the standard 5).

Throughout my metaphysical journey I have heard people describe all manner of sensations when describing their experiences. For some it is a sound, for others it is tactile levels of hot, cold, or vibration. One of the more interesting examples was a woman that I knew who would experience smells and tastes. These scents and flavors would translate for her into emotions and remind her of experiences in her own life. This particular individual was blind and had been so from birth. Her sense of smell and taste were very keen.

Personally, I describe my experience by saying that "it is like I am seeing with a different pair of eyes". Well, what the heck does that mean?  When I look at a person or thing that I am about ready to sketch their/its energetic nature, I of course see the person or thing sitting there with my eyes. I do not see lights of colors or auras or shapes superimposed over them of running through them. I see the person, but on another, completely separate level, perhaps through the mind/spirits eye, I perceive another image in a completely different part of my consciousness.

All of the shapes and lines, and colors, and forms have meaning. The image tells a story and the closer you look at the individual bits the more detailed the story gets. I liken the whole image together as a rune or glyph. To draw it has power. To speak its pronunciation has power, to understand its deep meaning has power. We are, each of us, a combination of archetypal energies and for me, they are expressed in this fashion.

I then do my best to translate them onto the two dimensional realm of art on paper. Some subjects have utterly surprised me. Unfortunately, being human, I am prone to occasionally judging a book by its cover. Its always a lesson to me when I find my preconceived notions are completely wrong. Just this past May I drew a young woman whose person I had completely misread. To me, her expression and body language appeared arrogant and assuming. Once she asked me for a sketch and I looked inside, I found pain, and joy, and discovery, and worry, and a hundred other beautiful things. How wrong had I been... and how glad I was to be corrected.

I try to capture as much of the motion and nuance as I can, but some gets lost in the medium. I am told I do a very good job in this translation process... but I know I could do better with different tools. And this is why I now have a Kickstarter. I want to bring my game to the next level. I want to create art that has as much as a three dimensional depth as possible. I want to merge the artistic with the diagnostic.

So, tell me, how do you perceive the spiritual, the subtle, the metaphysical energies that surround and comprise all things? Leave a comment and let me know.

Thank you,

 Gryphon M.

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