And so it begins... : From the Desk of Gryphon M.

And so it begins...

by Gryphon M on 06/23/16

If you do not get the above reference to Babylon 5, shame on you!  Go educate yourself and know the wonder of truly good Science Fiction.

In any event, welcome to the Subtle Body Project blog.

Here I will share the experiences, stories, insights, knowledge, mistakes, etc. I have made along my journey.  What journey, you ask?  Specifically, along the path to greater understanding of the subtle body, subtle energy, art, and my own inner tides that interpret these things.

Sounds pretty lofty, no?  I assure you that with each hard won nugget of "greater understanding" come three more questions to answer, three more mysteries to unravel, and three more quotes that contain a series of three witty statements... In short, if you think you have learned it all, start over, because you are wrong.

NEXT ENTRY:  Lets define the Subtle Body (sort of)

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1. Tony Santori said on 6/23/16 - 06:38PM
Anyone that says they know it all knows nothing. I'm 61 and know a a few things. Just a few.

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