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An interesting energetic experience...

by Gryphon M on 07/04/16

Recently, I had the good fortune of attending several of the Baroque Professional Institute's summer music programs at Oberlin College.  Good music, even better company (wink), and just a downright enjoyable experience.  If you happen to live close enough, I highly recommend you take the time. Admission is only $10.00.  Unfortunately, the series only lasts a short time.

This past weekend was the Bach B Minor Mass.  An amazing performance of blended orchestra and voice.  Playing in the orchestra were professional musicians, Oberlin faculty, and hand picked students.  The choir was a mixture of professional vocalists and students.  These are some truly talented individuals.

"But what does this have to do with the subtle body, Gryphon?"  I'm Glad you asked.

Sound in general and the focussed and harmonized tones of music in specific have a direct effect on both the physical and energetic states of things.  A quick trip to You Tube will reveal numerous examples of how different wavelengths of sound can be used to manipulate matter (not that matter exists, but that is another topic entirely).  In like fashion (or in the only fashion) sound also influences the subtle energy of all things.

Anyhow, I have an interesting story to relate concerning an energetic experience I had at Bach concert.  Let me preface my story with the fact that I am Warrior Caste of House Kheperu.  That means, among other things, I am good at grounding energy in its various forms.  It also means that my role in ritual is to help modulate the energy, to give it a ground, remove the static, etc.

The Concert was in two parts.  During the first part I began to sweat.  Ok, anybody who knows me knows that is nothing new.  But this was different.  I was hot.  Uncomfortably so.  I was sweating like I was outside in the sun digging ditches.  I mean... whiskey tango foxtrot, right?  Im thinking, "damn... somebody turn down the heat in here".  Then I look around and see that no one else is sweating, or fidgeting.  In fact, a few people have jackets on.

As soon as intermission hit I stepped outside to cool of.  Immediately the sensation of heat went away and I stopped sweating.  And then it hit me.  Here I was in not only a high energy environment of music, but also a choir.  And what was the choir singing?  A religious mass... one that has been sung thousands of times over hundreds of years.  I was, essentially, in the middle of a high sacred ceremony on steriods.

So, we had the energy of the music, the energy of the musicians, the energy of the choir, the energy of the traditional mass, and the energy of the attendees... all swirling about in a ceremonial form.  Little ole' me was sitting there, quite subconsciously, trying to modulate all of that by self.  While I am no slouch in the ritual activities department, there is no way I am single handedly up to that task.

Imagine, if you will, an electrical wire rated for 15 amps trying to handle 50 amps.  The result is an electrical fire because you have overloaded the wire.  Same thing.  One has to wonder how long I might have stayed in that position before spontaneous combustion.  Lets not find out, m'kay?

When I went back in for the second half of the concert, I specifically attempted to allow the energy to simply flow over and around me.  It was not easy.  Those specific variables are a signal to my subtle body to do its ritual job.  What I was attempting to do was in direct opposition to energetic instinct.  I could maintain a level of physical comfort only as long as I was focussed on the task.  Once I started to drink with the music, I started sweating again.

These are the sort of experiences, experiments, observations, etc. that are going into the Subtle Body Project.  There is a world of energy out there all doing one thing or another.  And just as our physical bodies react to our physical environment, so to do our subtle bodies react to the subtle environment.  being able to examine the relation of these two things is as the basis of my work.

Next time:
The Elements.  4, 5, 90, 118, or none at all...

Thank you for your time,
Gryphon M. 

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