What is Subtle Energy Art?
Every culture in every age has among their many philosophies, the idea that humans are more than mere biological creatures. It is believed that our physical body is simply a shell or vessel in which our true selves inhabit. This is a belief that I hold to quite strongly.  It is, however, more than an abstract belief… It is my reality.  I “see”, or more accurately “experience”, the true selves of the people. And, from time to time, express what I see in physical art.

If you are the sort that believes in the immortal soul, afterlife, ghosts, spirits, and such, then you have some notion that a part of you survives after physical death.  That part leaves the material body behind, and moves on to either incarnate physically again, to some greater reward, punishment, or otherwise next phase of existence.

This basic essence of who and what you are, this combination of memory, personality, essential nature, lessons learned, emotion, spiritual energy, etc. forms what we refer to as “The Subtle Body”.  It is the part of you, the real and true "you" that survives physical death.

I “experience” the subtle bodies of people, animals, places, and things then create art based on what I “see”.  I offer this talent for commission to those who wish to have a look at that experience. With these experiences come shape, form, color, symbol, patterns, etc. that have meaning. Each image tells the story of the subject.
It’s finding that spot between instinct, intuition, and subconscious where one can see with other eyes.  The Higher Self does the drawing.  Our earthly minds are left to interpret and explain the shapes, lines, patterns and colors.

What is an Energy Writ?
An energy writ is a piece of artwork designed to store subtle energy and release it in a pre-specified way.  Think of it as a ritual on paper.  I work closely with the person who commissioned this to make sure it has imagery meaningful to them.  It is not my energy that powers the writ, but instead the end user.  Each comes with instructions

Gryphon M.   Fall 2016
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