I was born the third child of three into a middle class catholic family.  During my early childhood I often told stories about “when I was big”.  By the time I was born, my mother had become disillusioned with the Catholic doctrine of the 1960’s and had begun to seek answers of a spiritual nature on her own.  I grew up in an environment where that sort of thinking was nourished. 

During my mid-teens, fed by a steady diet of science fiction, fantasy, AD&D, and television shows such as “In Search Of” and documentaries of ancient cultures, I became more earnestly interested in all things paranormal and occult.  As the New Age movement grew during the 1980’s, I benefitted by the plethora of books and magazines dedicated to alternative spiritualties, lost civilizations, and alternative theories of life, science, religion, etc.
Early adulthood led me to pagan spirituality and from there I sought, studied, practiced, and experimented on a wide variety of topics and paths.  In time I began to teach and brought like-minded people together and formed groups to practice together.  I served on the (now defunct) Pagan Community Council of Ohio, PCCO, and helped create and host community wide events.

During all of this I continued to feel a calling.  I had hoped that each new path might lead me to what I was being summoned to.  It was the summer of 2003 that I met Michelle Belanger and my journey (in this life) with House Kheperu began (again).  I had found that which I had been calling to me.  It was during those early days that I started creating Subtle Energy Art.
Looking back, I have always “seen” and known things about people.  But it was not until coming into contact with House Kheperu that the images took cohesive enough form to manifest through art.  The early days of my art were crude.  Over the years I have grown in confidence in my talent.  The artistic language of shape, form, color, symbol, etc. has also grown considerably over the years.

Today I am a professional artist, a licensed minister, an Emergency Management professional, a father of one grown son and the grandfather of one little boy.  I am the partner of an amazing woman who has been very supportive my artistic endeavors and provides valuable feedback… asked for or not.

And there you have it; the extremely condensed version of me.  As with all things, I am much more than a few paragraphs can capture.  So, I invite you to contact me, chat, ask questions, and offer your thoughts.  I look forward to them.

Gryphon M.  Fall 2016

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